To celebrate International Day of the Girl today, some of our female pupils have been talking about what they find challenging and inspiring about ‘being a girl’

/ October 11, 2012

 Here’s what some of our 9, 10 and 11 year-olds had to say:

About sport…

“Often boys don’t think girls can run fast, but when I run and get going I’m really fast and they’re amazed!”

“At my last school I wasn’t allowed on the football team with the boys, but here I can be on the team with them and we play together.”

“Me and my friends love football – to begin with the boys thought we’d be rubbish, but when we start tackling we’re brilliant and the boys say we’re playing well and we all become a good team.”

About creativity…

“Sewing is great, I made a skirt once and wore it to school and a boy said “wow!” when he found out I’d made it myself. It’s good when you can be creative and make something to wear instead of just following fashion and because we don’t wear a uniform to school I can be an individual.”

“I don’t like it when all the things in shops are pink for girls. It’s fine to like pink if you’re into that, but why does everyone assume all girls like pink, all the time? ”

“If I have a boyfriend when I’m older and he doesn’t like the way I look and wants me to wear loads of make-up all the time, then I’d think I was with the wrong person.”

“I like wearing trousers a lot as they’re easier to do sports and play in, but I’ve heard boys say they like it when girls wear dresses and skirts. Girls have more freedom though to wear what they want and be more fun with their clothes and hair, it’s harder for boys to do that. That’s one of the fun things about being a girl. Not all girls in the world can have this freedom, that’s why we need an International Day of the Girl so people can be aware and change things for girls everywhere.”

“I want to be a scientist or a doctor and I’m excited about it.”

“I don’t know what I want to do yet as a job, it’s good to have lots of things to choose from though. We need a Day of the Girl so all girls can have lots of choices.”

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