Life in Ocean


At the beginning of each school year we formulate our class rules together, based on the ethos of the school. We also play games to help build a collaborative team spirit. Ocean class is a fantastic team, much like a big family, and we want everybody in the class to feel safe and happy.


In the mornings we start the day with a breathing meditation (which we all take turns to lead) this brings us back to the moment and promotes a sense of calm and mindfulness. Then we usually do a morning activity (such as handwriting or times-tables practice). We also practise mindful eating at snack time and lunch-time, and do a relaxation or visualisation after lunch before beginning our afternoon activities.


We do all of the primary curriculum subjects, including Spanish and French, and we study a different topic each term. We do several class pujas per year for the whole school to watch, and at the end of the year we also do a class play. The whole class gets involved in designing costumes, making scenery and, of course, acting. We then perform the play for the whole school community, which is always a huge success and it is wonderful to watch the children develop their skills and grow in confidence.


Ocean is a happy, determined, collaborative place to be, where we all make a big effort to be mindful of each other’s feelings, and celebrate each other’s successes.