Dharma Primary School

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Noy Thomson (Mom Rajawongse Saisvasdi Svastis Thomson)

Once a founder trustee, now a patron of The Dharma Primary School.

A long-term practising Buddhist in The Ajahn Chah Forest Tradition, it was Noy’s wish to help establish a Buddhist based school in the UK and she was instrumental in helping the The Dharma Primary School develop through its early stages. Noy was an important member of the school’s board of trustees for many years and her quiet attentive approach and insightful contribution was of great value in helping the school evolve in accordance with its vision.  Although Noy left the UK a few years ago (she now resides permanently in Thailand) she continues to monitor the school’s progress and is keen for it to continue to thrive.

Noy Thomson Dharma Primary School Patron

Professor Guy Claxton

Emeritus Professor of the Learning Sciences at the University of Winchester and Co-Director of the Centre for Real-World Learning (CrL)

Professor Guy Claxton has led several inspiring workshops about Building Learning Power (BLP) and mindfulness practice, at our staff INSET sessions. He has written more than 20 books (several relating to Buddhism and mindfulness practice, as well as Education) and his practical ideas about how to expand young people’s appetite and capacity for learning have influenced educational theory and practice across the world. We will be working with Guy on integrating the Building Learning Power Approach into our ethos and look forward to working with him further.

Patron Guy Claxton Dharma School

Bea Harley

Former Joint Acting Head, and Deputy Administrative Head, The Dharma Primary School, 1998 – 2015

Bea was the school’s administrative lynch-pin for many years, shouldering responsibilities across a number of areas. Her background is in art, design and photography and she joined the school as a Teaching Assistant in the Nursery, during the early days. Alongside her administrative role, she took on large-scale art projects – mandalas in the playground, school artwork for the interior design of Maycroft Manor (a local Nursing Home) – and continues as our ‘official’ school photographer. As well as raising funds for the Bodong project, and co-ordinating our relationship with Plum Village, she trained as a mindfulness teacher on the .b programme. Bea has always been committed to the ethos of the school in practice and continues to share her wealth of wisdom and knowledge with us.

Bea Hartley Dharma Primary Patron

Peter Murdock

Head Teacher,The Dharma Primary School, 2001 – 2013

Peter is a practising Buddhist with 24 years of professional teaching experience. He led The Dharma Primary School for 12 years and is now writing a book about mindful parenting:

“I really enjoyed the opportunity to lead a school focused on mindfulness and Buddhist teachings. Now I am writing about that experience and the positive results of mindfulness and meditation for children and families.”

Peter is married with two daughters. He has strong connections with Chithurst Forest monastery in Sussex and has taught at Steiner/Waldorf schools (in Canada and the US). He has also worked as a Child Counsellor and developed courses and workshops on conflict resolution, compassionate parenting and meditation for children and adults.


Peter Murdock Dharma Primary School Patron

Kevin Fossey

Head Teacher, The Dharma Primary School, 1998 – 2002

Remembering our dear friend Kevin Fossey, former Head Teacher and one of the founders of The Dharma Primary School, who passed away on 16th June 2016.

Kevin is remembered fondly for his pioneer work in establishing an enduring Buddhist ethos for our school. He was also committed to helping children worldwide, raising funds and offering his expertise to create a much needed School for Malagiri in an impoverished part of Nepal. Kevin was recognised as a master teacher, a rare individual with the ability to teach with warmth, passion and a wonderful sense of humour, qualities that earned him a ‘Pearson Teaching Award for Outstanding Contribution to Education’ in 2013. (As a Senior Lecturer at the University of Brighton, he was nominated for the award by 160 of his pupils, a testimony to his popularity, and also by Peter Murdock (see above).

Watch a video of Kevin sharing his memories of our school (recorded for our 20th Anniversary year).

Kevin Fossey Dharma Primary School