Dharma Primary School

CEOP helps any child or young person under the age of 18 who is being pressured, forced or tricked into taking part in sexual activity of any kind. You can visit the CEOP Safety Centre for information and advice and make a report directly to CEOP.

Statutory Information

The School is required by law to provide parents and prospective parents with the following information:

a)  The School’s address is the White House, 149 Ladies Mile Road, Brighton, BN1 8TB. The telephone number 01273 502055.  The Head Teacher’s name is Clare Eddison.

b)  The School is owned and managed by a registered charitable company called The Dharma Primary School and the registered office and telephone number of the company is as above.

c)  The governing body of The Dharma Primary School is the Board of Directors.  The Chair is Jeannette Adair. Her correspondence address is care of the School and her email address is jadair@dharmaschool.co.uk .

d)  The School’s ethos and aims are set out on the School’s website.  Further information is contained in the Ethos and Curriculum policy available on request from the Office and on the website.

e)  The School’s protocols and procedures for admission, discipline and exclusion are given in the Admission Policy and the Behaviour Policy. These policies include this information.

f)   The School currently has two pupils with EHC plans and five pupils with English as a second language.  Children with EHC plans or English as a second language are welcome and provisions for their education and welfare would be discussed and agreed with parents on their admission. Our SENCo would be involved in these discussions.

Key policies are available on the website. All other school policies are available on request from the Office and are available to parents in the secure parent area of the school website.

Key policies:

g)  Ethos and Curriculum policy.

h)  Anti-bullying policy, Child Protection & Safeguarding policy, Online Safety Policy, Code of Conduct (staff), Health and Safety of Pupils on Educational Visits, Behaviour Policy (which covers the promotion of good behaviour and sanctions in the event of misbehaviour), Health and safety policy, SEN Policy, Equal Opportunities, Fire Management Plan, First Aid Policy, Management of Life-Threatening Allergies Policy, Collection and Missing Child Policy and Intimate Care Policy.

The following are given below and available to all parents on request from the Office:

i)   Particulars of the academic performance of the School for the proceeding year.

j)   The complaints procedure (Parental concerns procedure) and the number of complaints registered under the formal procedure during the preceding year.

k)  Number of staff and a summary of their qualifications.

Additional information

As a school, we do not sit externally-marked SATS papers for the end of KS2. We do however set previous SATS papers, taken in relaxed conditions, to report to parents and children, as transition information and to benchmark our children at the end of their time here,

End of keystage 2 tests  – Summer 2018

There were seven year six pupils who progressed from the school this summer. In May 2018 they took SATS tests (the May 2015 versions), which were marked by internal staff against the published SATS criteria.


Mathematics: (L3-5 paper and some took L6 paper)

Paper 1, paper 2 and mental maths: L6 – 2 pupils, L5 – 2 pupils, L4 – 3 pupils (1 at L4+)

English: (L3-5 paper)

SPaG: L5 – 4 pupils (3 at L5+), L4 – 3 pupils (1 at L4+)

Reading: L5 – 6 pupils (1 at L5+) , L4 – 1 pupil

Number  of  complaints  registered  under  the  formal  procedure  last  academic  year:  

The School updated its procedure in January 2019.

The figure below is for the number of complaints dealt with in writing and formally brought to the attention of the Board of Trustees:

For the year September 2018 – August 2019, 0 complaints