Dharma Primary School

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Life in Lotus

Ocean Class (Years 3 and 4)

Life in Lotus (Years 5 and 6) Dharma Lotus Class

Moving into Ocean Class (Years 3 and 4), lower KS2,  the children experience the transition from ‘infant’ to ‘junior’ level. We help the children move from ‘learning through play’ to a more formal learning style, although we always aim to make learning interesting, stimulating and enjoyable.

We have particular topics at the beginning of each year that support the children in this move such as the Romans and Ancient Egypt. As the children move through Years 3 and 4 they develop their skills and abilities in recording their work to a greater degree.

At Upper Key Stage 2, children access a range of subjects taught by specialist teachers. There are two class teachers who cover the core subjects –English, Maths and Science- along with Humanities, Art and Design, ICT, Yoga and PSHE. Additional teachers offer Music, Drama, Physical Education, Forest School, French and Spanish.

Each half term has a topic– an overarching theme that runs through the lessons. Topics include Extreme Earth, Magic and Mystery, Awesome Animals and Heroes of Humankind. These also integrate Dharma concepts such as inter-connectedness and non-violence. We aim to enrich each half term topic with class trips or guest speakers.

One important priority at this stage is to ensure successful transition to secondary school. Although the school does not participate in Standard Assessment Tests (SATs), the children in Year 6 are assessed through class-based tests so that equivalent data can be passed on to their secondary school.