Dharma Primary School

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Parent Testimonials

Comments from our parent community

“You may consider the Dharma Primary School with absolute confidence. This is no fringe education but one that will give your child an awareness of the moment, of the world and her/his place in it, of interdependence in a changing world and of the consequences of our actions. All this while ensuring that the foundation of their lives are built strongly with all the practical educational skills needed to meet the challenges after they have left.”

 “My daughter has grown in confidence, she is happy, loves learning and it has all been so easy. Children often do better than their peers in other schools and not only reach expected levels but go beyond them.”

“There is a depth and a joy to the school community that, while meeting all practical needs of education, gives a dimension to children’s lives entirely absent in other parts of the educational establishment. Through this strong foundation both our children were able to face up to extreme difficulties and challenges that were shortly to come their way. I have no doubt that the strength of the complete education they received at The Dharma Primary School gave them the strength to withstand the storm.”

 “My son is really beginning to love learning. He’ll often ask me when will he get a chance to do some “work” at school! And will frequently say he “loves school”. At his young age they focus on learning through play which has created this want to learn in him. It’s such a difference from his previous exposure to learning elsewhere which I could see left him stressed and fearful. I notice now how keen he is to progress in things he finds difficult rather than feel overwhelmed. It’s such a huge achievement in not only his relationship with learning, but with many aspects of life he’ll come to meet as he grows up.”

 “When our son joined Brighton College after leaving the Dharma Primary School, the headmaster wrote in one of his first reports that ‘his secret weapon is his humility’. In his final report earlier this year, the same Head wrote that he is ‘one of the most impressive boys in the College – and also one of the most decent’. In an academic hothouse he has flourished by being himself, and his early years at the Dharma Primary School enabled that in no small part.”

If you are considering the Dharma Primary School for your child and would like to talk to members of our parent community about their experience, we would be happy to connect you.

Please contact our office on 01273 502055.

" It's so impressive what you did with the children all year . They looked really engaged in all of the activities and happy. Thank you so much for your dedicated work to all of the teachers and assistants ."

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