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/ November 18, 2016

I brought my banjo to last week’s puja. As well as attempting to be entertaining, I was modelling the visible and (hopefully) audible benefits of practising the banjo. I took up banjo about four years ago and am reasonable at it now. I began playing the (classical) guitar around the age of seven and still enjoy playing it more than

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‘Driven to distraction’

/ October 21, 2016

In a recent puja, during a short period of meditation, one of our youngest children piped up, ‘I’m bored’. How many times have we, as parents or adults, heard ‘This is boring’ or ‘I’m bored’? And what do we say in response to this? Busy adults are rarely bored and, as we know, this does not mean that we are

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‘Training our Learning Muscles’

/ October 7, 2016

These blogs from me often feel like an invitation to wax lyrical about my passions, the way I think and – as if we were part of a Venn diagram – I hope it they might overlap with your responses as an individual and in your role as a parent or carer. Another overlap is with my role as a

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‘This is It’

/ September 16, 2016

During their recent visit, our monastic friends from Plum Village had an ongoing joke they liked to roll around whilst chuckling amongst themselves. It is based on semantics: ‘We went up the Downs’. ‘We went for a walk – up the Downs! Our six visitors brought with them tremendous humour and warmth, along with some super songs, a great deal

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‘Surfing the Dhamma’

/ July 8, 2016

  ‘Life is the gymnasium of the soul’ (Christian and Hindu quote)   This is my last blog of the Summer term and I feel I have grown enormously through taking on the role of Head Teacher at the Dharma Primary School. Overall, I have enjoyed my first year and have every expectation that I will continue to do so.

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On Change

/ June 18, 2016

‘Change is the only constant. Everything changes and nothing stands still.’ – Heraclitus With my heart so affected by recent newsworthy events, and in touch with the vulnerability of being human, I want to write briefly about transition and change, in particular for the oldest children in our school. I will lead a puja on Tuesday, the day after the

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Remembering Kevin Fossey, our former Head Teacher

/ June 18, 2016

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our dear friend Kevin Fossey, former Head Teacher and one of the founders of The Dharma Primary School, who passed away on the morning of the 16th June, 2016. Some of you may recall Kevin visiting the school last year to help us celebrate the school’s 20th anniversary. He

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Living Mindfulness

/ May 27, 2016

Recently, I went to visit another school that, like us, is a member of the Independent School Association – St James Junior School in London. This school also has an interesting and non-standard ethos and aims to provide an education which seeks to promote and support the spirit of unity, so that everyone may be happy and enjoy well-being. The

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/ April 29, 2016

“Go forth on your journey, for the benefit of the many, for the joy of the many, out of compassion for the welfare, the benefit and joy of all beings.” – The Buddha This week I want to write about the ‘work that reconnects’. This is a phrase that originates from Joanna Macy, a deep ecologist and Buddhist who has

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After Buddhism

/ April 15, 2016

Some of my ideas this week are stimulated by Stephen Batchelor’s new book, After Buddhism. Stephen was my mentor for a two year Buddhist study course I did at Gaia House in Devon, during which we discussed many ideas and concepts in some depth. There are themes that I have been ruminating on for a while and Stephen’s new book

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