Heads Up: Portraits of our new Head Teacher, Clare Eddison

/ July 2, 2015

Clare 5 001Clare 8 001


Children across the school have been sharing their thoughts on what makes a good Head Teacher and offering incoming Head, Clare Eddison, their advice and warm wishes. Mountain class (Years 1 & 2) have also drawn some pictures of Clare (from the photo below) and we are going to frame one to hang in her office as a welcome gift!

Here’s what some of the children had to say:

“We had a trial lesson with Clare and I really, really liked her. She was fun but also strict when she needed to be.”Clare Eddison 2

“The lesson we had with Clare was fun and all about the different parts of a flower and what they do. I felt like she really knows what she is doing which makes me feel like I know what I’m doing too.”

“To be a good Head Teacher you need to be very mature, well-organised, work hard, be kind and know a lot about at least three subjects. A Head Teacher has to be well up for the job and be confident and get on with all kinds of people.”

“I want to wish Clare a good time at our school and hope she will be happy and settled and teach us lots of new things.”

“We heard that Clare likes science and also the woods so we would like to invite her to our woods to explore with us.”

“We hope Clare has a brilliant, fantastic, epic time at our school and maybe she will stay forever and bring back hot dinners”

Clare 9 001      Clare 10 001

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