Celebrating 20 years of The Dharma Primary School: former head teacher Kevin Fossey returns to lead a special puja

/ July 4, 2014


Kevin's puja                                 Kevin's puja - Denise, Alison, Kevin, Steve, Bea

This morning we welcomed Kevin Fossey back to the school, who was head teacher here from 1998 until 2002. Kevin is a loved and respected member of our school community and he shared some wonderful anecdotes about the school’s history and his time as head. He also read inspiring stories and poetry from former pupils.

From September we will be celebrating 20 years of The Dharma Primary School (which opened its doors in September 1994) with a series of exciting events and projects throughout the school year. We’ll be creating a special section of our website to share and celebrate the school – with photos, children’s work, podcasts, videos and interviews with former staff and pupils. We’ll also include video clips of Kevin’s  puja this morning.

On Saturday 13th September, we’ll be holding a 20th Anniversary Reunion of pupils and staff – further details to follow soon!

Photo above (from left to right): Denise (Kevin’s wife, a support and driving force in the early days of the school and for many years a teaching assistant), Alison (who taught here when the school opened and is now head of our Nursery), Kevin, Steve (a school parent during the early days and also a teaching assistant for many years), Bea (Acting Administrative Head, also here since the school’s genesis).

Below: A poem written by a pupil during the early days of the school, which Kevin read aloud during the puja.

Being Born - poem from former pupil

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